About Malapascua

  • Malapascua Island

    Wanting some attractive, alluring, lovely and peaceful Island where you can relax and enjoy? Malapascua Island is what you are searching for. Malapascua Island is located at the north tip of Cebu with the population of almost around 4,000. People are friendly, humble and welcoming.

    Some people live in Malapascua Island have a livelihood more on tourism, fishing, boat building and coconut. Malapascua Island surrounded with a variety of mountains, forest with coconut trees and the best attraction is the white beaches and sand surrounds the entire island.

    In Cebuanos, Malapascua island is called “bad Christmas” according to their legend. This certain island was being discovered by a foreigner named Freddy for almost 25 yrs ago. As Freddy discovered the Island, he immediately made a resort because of the lovely and peaceful place in the entire Island. Years later he planned to open different diving destinations and sites because of the shimmering corals and different variety of sea creatures and specie that can be seen underwater which include the thresher sharks. Tour in the whole Malapascua Island consume almost two hours.

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    There are different attractions in Malapascua Island includes waterside tower cemetery, light house wreck, pioneer wreck and any other diving sites and lookout up near Los Bamboos. Probably Malapascua Island is a beautiful, untouched and sleepy island, with sandy beaches that is surrounded with lush green palm trees. It is a peaceful island because you can’t hear voices coming from any cars with a building with only one high floor. Being in Malapascua Island certainly you can enjoy because of the different attractions and the creatures living in the entire island.

    Some events happen in Malapascua Island are fiestas, basketball, cockfighting, swimming pool at Kuan Ba, lovely beaches, sightseeing the beautiful place in the island, snorkelling and diving. Aside from the lovely beaches and attractions, Malapascua have an excellent restaurant with great and delicious foods with a bar that you are going to choose from that you probably like and love it.


  • Weather in Malapascua

    Weather in Malapascua is unpredictable weather. It changes from year to year. It is Rainy season from July to December and dry season from January to June, even rainy seasons you can enjoy because it only have little rain. Since Malapascua Island was hiding the mountains it rarely affected with typhoon. Weather is generally sunny but not too hot, high season during December to April and the hottest time in March to May. Water temperature in Malapascua Island is 24-26 degree celcius. Thresher shark are seasonal to seen with the hammerhead that be seen during in the month of December to April. It is being suggested to go at the month of September.

  • Getting There

    Pick up and transport from Cebu to Thresher Shark Divers through private taxi and private boat.

    When come by yourself going from Cebu City to Maya – the north tip of Cebu then Maya to Malapascua Island.

    Getting to Cebu City with the flights of Cebu to Mactan international airport has an international flights through hongkong, Singapore, Doha( Qatar), Tokyo, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Kuta Kinabalu , Taipei and Shanghai.

    Other transport options will be in Cebu to Bogo by AC bus, V-Hire air conditioned minivan or even leaves from SM or Ayala shopping malls.
    International via other airports, others may arrive at Manila, such as Luf Lhansa and Emirates and Domestic airlines by Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific and Philippines Airlines.

  • Useful Language

    Mostly people living in Malapascua Island used their own dialect which is Cebuano dialect. Local tourist use Tagalog or even English language will do.

  • FAQ

    1. What are the best things to do in Malapascua Island?
    There are different things to do in Malapascua Island that truly satisfying and enjoyable which include snorkelling trips, barbeque on the beach, booze cruise and traditional English Sunday roast dinner.

    2. How about the health in Malapascua Island?
    Malapascua Island is a nice, safety and healthy place. No malaria found in the entire place. No doctor in the island and it was being suggested to brought or carry your own basic aid kit. It only has basic medications in the Island. But there are nearest hospital though riding a boat.

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    3. What is the best restaurant in the Island?
    There are great and excellent restaurant but the most popular restaurant is the Oscar Restaurant because it serves a great and fantastic mix of international dishes with an ever changing menu.

    4. Is there an ATM in Malapascua Island?
    There are no ATMS in Malapascua Island. Some places accept credit cards only.