Dive Resorts

  • Malapascua Dive Resorts

    -Malapascua Dive Resorts are amazingly designed with accordance to nature, exotic and one of a kind idea to come up with such an eye catching appearance and comfortable ambiance. You can overlook with a fabulous green garden that is surrounding the places, feel the coolness and pleasantness. Ambiances are simply amazing that could make visitors get used to it and be given pleasures with satisfaction.

  • Exotic Island Dive and Beach Resort

    Exotic Island Dive and Beach Resort

    Exotic is what does people usually called this Island. It is rich with natural resources and has wonderful surroundings. You will find clear blue sea water and fine white sand lying on the entire island. The Exotic is located in the southern part of Malapasuca and is in the eastern part of Bounty Beach. The resort is also surrounded by beautiful natural garden set up.

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  • Slam’s Garden Resort

    Slam’s Garden Resort

    You mustn’t miss the extraordinary feature of Slam’s Garden Resort if you are touring different remarkable dive resorts .Everyone is welcome in this cozy resort especially the divers that came from different countries just to visit the place.

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  • Tepanee Beach Resort

    Tepanee Beach Resort

    Tepanne Beach Resort is found at Malapascua Cebu, Philippines. It is one of the most famous resorts that can be found on that island. The name Tepanne comes from the Polynesian name of a tropical tree called frangipane. They offer a great vacation experience for their customers and never fail to amaze them.

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