Tepanee Beach Resort

  • Tepanee Beach Resort

    Tepanee Beach Resort

    Tepanee Beach Resort is found at Malapascua Cebu, Philippines. It is one of the most famous resorts that can be found on that island. The name Tepanee comes from the Polynesian name of a tropical tree called frangipane. They offer a great vacation experience for their customers and never fail to amaze them. Tourists had been going in and out of these resort and many divers prefer to dive under the resort’s sea.

    Tepanee Beach Resort is composed of six cottages with double bed and a special cottage that have four big rooms. The special cottage also have double and single bed in each of the four rooms, which leans in front of the sea to build a spectacular scenery for anyone who’ll occupy it. The cottages are naturally made of bamboo and stone, while the roof is specially made out of a fine straw called “Kogon”.

    • 24 hour electricity
    • Private Bathroom with hot shower
    • Refrigerators
    • Safety Box
    • Huge private veranda with sofa
    • Free internet wi-fi connection

    Tepanee Beach Resort stands on a small hill that makes it a good location for watching the sunrise and sunsets. Moreover, they placed beach umbrellas, sun beds and gazebo for massages to have a good time on capturing each breathtaking sunset.

    Another great feature of Tepanee Beach Resort is their diving place. Silvia is the resort’s finest scuba diving instructor that will assist you on everything that concerns on diving. He will help you on locating different diving spots where you can see the marine animals closer.

    Always remember to bring enough money (peso) when going to this resort. They accept credit card but paying in cash is a better option. It is because there are no banks near the resort and only a few of them are opened in the island.