Dive Sites

  • Malapascua Dive Sites

    -Malapascua Island is initially known as Logon Island, a small island that has full guts in offering its true beauty and unbeatable features. This most visited attraction in the north-east of Cebu is surrounded by lovely while and fine sand. The dive site is finest with its eye catching marine creatures that gives a kaleidoscopic view, making the entire place lively and best place for diving activity.

  • Chocolate Island

    Chocolate Island

    A peaceful and among the loveliest attraction regarding diving activities in Malapascua Island located in Cebu is the Chocolate Island. Chocolate Island is a unique form of diving site because of its rocky surrounding underwater named the chocolate island.

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  • Deep Rock

    Deep Rock

    The new discovered diving site in Malapascua Island and belong as one of the tourist destination when it comes to diving activities. This particular diving site surrounds with a different variety of rocks underwater. This certain diving sites were diverse several of sea creatures and specie underwater.

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  • Gato Island

    Gato Island

    Gato Island is one of the hottest dive spots in the Philippines. Its abundance of marine life makes it one of the best marine havens around Cebu. Macro Photographers and Diving experts consider it as an underwater paradise for it hosts tons of unique and exotic aquatic species.

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  • Light House Wreck

    Light House Wreck

    Wanted to see another wreck form Japanese World War II, then light house wreck is the answer for this. Besides form pioneer Japanese wreck, light house also come from Japanese during World War II.

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  • Lighthouse


    Lighthouse is the spot near Gato Island where you can find the most beautiful fish in the world—the rare mandarin fish. The best time for spotting the rare and psychedelic mandarin fish is in the late afternoon when sightings of them are 100% guaranteed. You should keep an eye for the exotic mating dance of the male mandarin fish and their female mates.

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  • North Point

    North Point

    Diving is one of the best sports and challenging activities underwater. Every diver wanted to see and experience the different spectacular diving destination located at Malapascua Island in Cebu and one of the amazing diving sites in the north point.

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  • Nudibranch City

    Nudibranch City

    Nudibranch Cirty is another Gato dive site known for having an abundance of nudibranch species. At the average depth of 22 meters or 72 feet, you will be able to see large numbers of species of nudibranch and this moment will give you a lasting impression to the site.

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  • Pioneer Japanese Wreck

    Pioneer Japanese Wreck

    A deep type of diving site in Malapascua Island in Cebu that divers required and allowed here are the experts divers that have the abilities and capabilities in diving deep underwater.

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  • Shore diving

    Shore diving

    Diving site located at Malapascua Island in Cebu which is a wonderful and a fantastic one because of the different sea creatures and fishes living and become greater as time goes by this is the shore diving.

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  • The Cave

    The Cave

    The Cave, also known as The Tunnel, is one of the most unforgettable sites around Gato Island. With a maximum depth of 32 meters, the tunnel serves as a home for numerous common cave dwellers.

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  • The Guardhouse

    The Guardhouse

    The guardhouse is another astonishing dive site around the island of Gato. It is famous for having lots of the rare pink and yellow pygmy sea horse.

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  • White Tip Alley

    White Tip Alley

    White Tip Alley, as the name suggests, is the best spot for sighting the majestic white tip sharks. It is one of the five dive spots around the area of Gato Island and like all the others; it also has an abundant marine life.

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