Chocolate Island

  • Chocolate Island

    A peaceful and among the loveliest attraction regarding diving activities in Malapascua Island located in Cebu is the Chocolate Island. Chocolate Island is a unique form of diving site because of its rocky surrounding underwater named the chocolate island. It is being called a chocolate island because of the presence of the larger rocks surrounds the entire diving sites. The entire diving sites have full of coral heads with the charming and exquisite soft corals. Chocolate Island is a peaceful and lovely diving site in Malapascua Island that seemingly attracts to the divers and the nature lovers as well because of the different sea creatures and specie that are rare and seen in this site.

    Aside from the soft corals and different reefs with a large numbers of small reef fish that are being present in which corals and reefs use as their home. In order for the small fishes to be safe and harmless when danger came they lived in corals and reefs. Another sea creatures living in chocolate island is the eagle rays with a different variety of sizes. It is being called q unique diving site not only on the rocks around but it is a shallow type of diving site unlike the other diving sites in Malapascua Island. There are different sea creatures and specie seen in Chocolate Island even it is a shallow diving site one.

    Another captivating attraction of Chocolate Island is the distinctive sea snakes around the diving site. Snake eels can be found in Chocolate Island. Cuttlefish which include flamboyants, seamoths (Pegasus), large crabs and batfish were being present in this particular diving site. Even Chocolate Island is a shallow type of diving site but still many sea creatures and specie grow and live this site because of the peaceful and alluring site. Aside from peaceful and alluring site in Chocolate Island, this is a clean diving site.

    Macro which includes nubibranchs, flatworms, shrimp, shells and cowries are in the chocolate island as well. Chocolate Island is a photograph enchant because of the captivating and rapturous sea creatures and beautiful coral and reefs that are being seen around the chocolate island. An example of the perfect tourist destination either form local or foreign people worldwide. If you visit Chocolate Island as your destination to your diving activities, I can assure that you experience the most unforgettable and most spectacular experiences in chocolate island diving site.

    Dive Experience Level: Open water diver
    Depth: 17 meters / 55.8 ft
    Visibility: good 10 meters to 30 meters
    Dive type: boat dive
    How to Get There:by boat
    Current: low