Deep Rock

  • Deep Rock

    The new discovered diving site in Malapascua Island and belong as one of the tourist destination when it comes to diving activities. This particular diving site surrounds with a different variety of rocks underwater. This certain diving sites were diverse several of sea creatures and specie underwater. There are lots of corals and reefs which were being use as a home of almost sea creatures living in this site. This diving site surrounds with different rocks in which all rocks were being surrounded by the different corals and reefs. Like with the other diving sites in Malapascua most creatures living and seen this site was rare and really amazing.

    Some of the creatures will be seen here are the groups of frogfish that catch the attention who ever seen the frog fishes living in the entire diving site. Nudis and pygmy seahorse with different colours can be also seen in this diving site under the coral and reefs. Rocks in the deep rock diving site will helpful and important to them as their protection and as well as their home. Strong ghost pipefish are expected to be found in some deep areas in deep rock. You can discover the variety of fishes in deep rock. Juvenile batfish that is uncommon to be seen were being present.

    Aside from the several fishes above, harlequin sweetlips and dotted leather coral cowries that are bigger especially the black cowries that is the most awaited part in the part of the divers. Also it is a photograph enchantment because of the several fishes that are not remarkable and unusual to be seen. Coral and reefs in this diving site is one of the best desirable things that divers wanted to see and also discover things are not frequent. It is belong to the best diving site in Malapascua since deep rock is among the famous diving site. With the presence of many rocks that are being surrounded it certainly add appeal to the divers.

    Family of fishes like batfish, scorpion fish, zebra fish, zebra crabs and whip coral shrimp are living also in this diving site. Rocks in deep rock are surrounds with soft and hard coral that really amazed and catch the attention of every diver. This is not a large diving site and no so lots of reef fishes. Even it is a small are in diving but it seems beautiful and peaceful to in taking diving activities. Experience and enjoy diving activities the deep rock diving site in Malapascua Island.

    Access: By boat
    Quality: Interesting
    Difficulty: CMAS * / OW
    Average Depth: 5m
    Max Depth: 22m
    Current: Low ( < 1 knots)
    Visibility: Good ( 10 – 30 m)