Light House Wreck

  • Light House Wreck

    Wanted to see another wreck form Japanese World War II, then light house wreck is the answer for this. Besides form pioneer Japanese wreck, light house also come from Japanese during World War II. Lighthouse is located in a shallow part with an average of 3 meters above sea level. As you can notice plenty of rocks being surrounded but the truth that is the cement to be used during the World War II by the Japanese soldiers. They said that it was being bomb before the wreck were being landed. Through that happening wrecks will become divided into two and until now wrecks are present as a home of the different sea creatures and specie living in the light house wreck.

    Inside the light house wreck many creatures will prefer to live because it is safe and they are being protected through the wrecks also the corals and reefs inside the wrecks. Mandarin fish are the first family of the fish that will be seen in the light house wreck. Sea horses, scribbled and banded pipefish are also found in the light house wreck diving site. Unlike form the pioneer Japanese wreck that is located in a deep part of Malapascua Island, light house are in the shallow part but still lots of creatures to be found.

    Young sweetlips, stripy sea snakes, sea stars, and giant crabs, shrimp and occasionally frogfish are now in light house wreck. Divers were certainly enjoyed seeing the beautiful and wonderful sea creatures living in the light house wreck diving sites and the light house itself. Even nubibranchs and cephalopods are present like bobtail squid, reef squid, and starry octopus. Occasionally exquisite octopus especially those blue-ringed ones and scuttle fish are in light house sometimes, it depend the condition and weather underwater.

    Aside from that, hermit crabs, yellow trained barracuda, pipefish, octopus, young harlequin sweetlips and sea snakes living inside or outside the light house wreck. Your entire diving activities in light house wreck can truly satisfy in you. With the family of different fishes with various colours and shapes, the soft coral and reefs and the light house wreck certainly your diving experience will be cherished and treasured. You won’t forget how light house wreck made your happiness in your entire life.

    Access: By boat
    Quality: Interesting
    Difficulty: CMAS * / OW
    Interest: Interesting
    Average Depth: 5m
    Current: Low ( < 1 knots)
    Visibility: Good ( 10 – 30 m)