• Lighthouse

    Lighthouse is the spot near Gato Island where you can find the most beautiful fish in the world—the rare mandarin fish. The best time for spotting the rare and psychedelic mandarin fish is in the late afternoon when sightings of them are 100% guaranteed. You should keep an eye for the exotic mating dance of the male mandarin fish and their female mates.

    Although there are only few who dive during dusk, it is one of the best moments to sight many marine species such as seahorses, juvenile sweetlips, banded sea snakes, banded and scribbled pipefish, crabs, sea stars and frogfish.

    In the night, you must watch out for species of nudibranch, reef squid, bobtail squid, starry night octopus and the rare blue-ringed octopus.

    Moreover, you should also not forget to drop by the small WWII wreck near the site.