North Point

  • North Point

    Diving is one of the best sports and challenging activities underwater. Every diver wanted to see and experience the different spectacular diving destination located at Malapascua Island in Cebu and one of the amazing diving sites in the north point. North point was a great and lovely site when it regards to any diving activities. It surrounds with the various corals and reefs in which oral gardens used as a home of the different creatures and species can be seen that made your diving experience unforgettable.

    Distinctive nubibranchs seen nearly in the oral garden in which they tend to be as a home. There are numerous numbers of small shoals of catfish living in wonderful and different colours of coral and reefs around the diving sites. Around the entire diving site reef fish and different kinds of rays, cuttlefish and huge crabs can be found. North point is include as a great diving site in Malapascua Island because of the different colours and types of sea creatures and species living that are most noticeable and can astonish in every diver. This is one of the example and a good site to all photographers whom searching a good sites about different creatures and specie living underwater.

    Divers who already experience diving underwater in the north point suggest that it is much better to dive at night because mostly sea creatures and specie will be seen at night at the coral garden as their home. Divers describe the north point diving site as a wonderful, lovely and peaceful diving site due to the presence of the various fishes with different colours, sizes and shapes. Soft corals and reefs are numerous and perceivable to the divers. Another attraction when it comes to diving activities in Malapascua Island named the north point diving site.

    Even frog fish with different colours, fire urchin hikers were being found also in the north point diving sites. Various fire urchin hikers include candy crabs, zebra crabs, and nubibranchs will captivating and fascinated to the eyes of the every diver. Another attraction in Malapascua Island in north point that mostly endure people especially to the divers and sea lovers because of the astonishing and marvellous things to be seen underwater include different corals and reefs and huge numbers of heterogeneous sea creatures and species living and growing under the north point diving site. Wanted an unforgettable and animating feeling, visit and relish the north point diving site.

    Dive Experience Level: Open water diver
    Depth: 23meters
    Visibility: 15 meters / 50 ft
    Dive type: boat dive
    How to Get There: by boat
    Current: low