Nudibranch City

  • Nudibranch City

    Nudibranch Cirty is another Gato dive site known for having an abundance of nudibranch species. At the average depth of 22 meters or 72 feet, you will be able to see large numbers of species of nudibranch and this moment will give you a lasting impression to the site.

    Here are also lots of other unique and rare critters aside from the nudibranchs. Critters include scorpionfish, hermit crabs, seahorse, squids, puffer fish, cuttlefish, lobsters, porcupine fish, mantis shrimp, frogfish and pelagic species as well.

    In addition, there is also a good coral growth here. The corals as well as the sea whips and fans serve as the homes of many tiny fish. Rock formations are also excellent, giving you some swim-through’s to explore.