Pioneer Japanese Wreck

  • Pioneer Japanese Wreck

    A deep type of diving site in Malapascua Island in Cebu that divers required and allowed here are the experts divers that have the abilities and capabilities in diving deep underwater. This is one of the most dangerous diving sites if you don’t have enough knowledge and trainings in diving deep diving site. You must be a professional diver for you to experience diving under the pioneer Japanese wreck. This kind of wreck is from the Japanese wreck during the World War II. Pioneer Japanese wreck is among the tourist destination to all the divers in Malapascua Island either from local or foreign people because they wanted to see the Japanese wreck from Japanese during the World War II.

    As you can see the Pioneer Japanese Wreck, some equipment used during World War II is still being there like the guns pointing upward. The wreck made as a home of different small fishes not only small fishes but also big kinds of fishes and other sea creatures living and growing in Pioneer Japanese Wreck. Lot of corals, soft and hard coral are also been found in the wreck. Propeller and anchors are also present under the wreck. The entire pioneer wreck is surrounded by different coral and reefs. This is a inimitable attraction in Malapascua Island except the distinctive fishes and specie but the pioneer Japanese itself.

    Massive scorpion, eagle rays large groupers are also been living in the pioneer Japanese wreck. Even sharks are also in this diving site. There are plenty and abundance fishes in different variety and colours that seemingly attractive and lovely to see while you are diving. Shoals of barracuda tuna and snappers are included with these attractive creatures. Big creatures and specie prefer to live and remain to grow and grow because the diving site was keeping them away from danger. The deep of the diving site was made diver to be challenge and exciting to their part.

    But not all the time they can dive it immediately, there are times that this particular site were unpredictable maybe because of the deep of the water above the sea level. They made sure before diving that no danger will come and a peaceful site so that jeopardy will be avoided. If you are one of the professional divers and wanted to dive with a matchless diving site, the pioneer wreck best for you.

    Access: By boat
    Quality: Interesting
    Difficulty: CMAS *** / DiveMaster
    Interest: Interesting
    Average Depth: 42m
    Max Depth: 56.0 m
    Current: Medium ( 1-2 knots)
    Visibility: Good ( 10 – 30 m)