Shore diving

  • Shore diving

    Diving site located at Malapascua Island in Cebu which is a wonderful and a fantastic one because of the different sea creatures and fishes living and become greater as time goes by this is the shore diving. Aside from chocolate Island, shore diving is another shallow diving site that can swim for only 200-3m above sea level. Despite the shallow type of this diving site many divers wanted to experience diving at shore diving site. This certain diving sites in not a huge area unlike the other diving sites in Malapascua, it is narrow one. The entire shore diving found many sea grasses that sometimes use as a home specifically the small fishes.

    For 100 m under Sea Level, Sea grasses are being seen in which star fish, puffers are being found. Even pipefish, nudibranchs are being present in shore diving. Mostly small family of fishes were growing and been live in the sea grasses and sometimes small fishes got food coming from the sea grasses. Small octopus and juveniles were be seen in shore diving. But mostly bigger sea creatures and specie are rarely found in shore diving because of the shallow are and limited space in this site.

    A mixture of sea grass that will turn some of them into soft and hard corals that made into home for the small fishes and other sea creatures. House to groups of cardinal fishes are the soft and hard corals from the sea grasses. Except for cardinal fishes, sergeant majors and damselfish will be shown in shore diving sites. Many desirable things are being seen under the diving site in shore diving. With the presence of this sea creatures and other specie divers have a desire to dive even in a shallow and limited site.

    Moray eels, lionfish and sea hares found in shore diving. Shore diving are known in Malapascua Island as a stunning and extravagant diving site because of the corals in various sizes and the presence of the fishes and other sea creatures to be found. Blue ringed octopus and eagle rays are the most anticipated part for the divers. Wanted to sea amazing sea creatures in a shallow part of underwater, come and get pleasures from diving in shore diving.

    Access: Shore
    Quality: Interesting
    Difficulty: CMAS * / OW
    Interest: Interesting
    Average Depth: 5m
    Current: Low ( < 1 knots)
    Visibility: Good ( 10 – 30 m)