The Cave

  • The Cave

    The Cave, also known as The Tunnel, is one of the most unforgettable sites around Gato Island. With a maximum depth of 32 meters, the tunnel serves as a home for numerous common cave dwellers.

    Here you can see species of crab, lobsters, cardinal fish, giant puffer fish, some species of nudibranch, frogfish and scorpionfish as well.

    In the corners of the cave you will be exhilarated by the sightings of white tip sharks. You are lucky if you find them circling near the exit and still lucky if you spot them sleeping behind or under the giant rocks of the cave. You will also find bamboo sharks and cat sharks here.

    There are some overhangs and swim-through’s at the exit of the cave. Although swimming-through here is only advisable for experienced divers, beginners can still enjoy their encounter with the baby white tip sharks in the cave.