The Guardhouse

  • The Guardhouse

    The guardhouse is another astonishing dive site around the island of Gato. It is famous for having lots of the rare pink and yellow pygmy sea horse.

    Like the rest of Gato dive sites, the Guardhouse also highlights a spectacular and protected marine life. It is a haven for large groups of cuttlefish, nudibranches, lionfish, pufferfish, lionfish, spider crabs, sting rays, sea snakes, banded boxer shrimp, whip coral shrimps, squids, tuna, mackerel, moray eels, snappers and shellfish.

    Aside from the rich marine life, the site also has an abundant growth of colorful hard and soft corals and sea whips as well.

    You are lucky to spot species of sharks sleeping in the corner of the cave or hiding under huge rocks. You are luckier if you see them patrol around the exit of the cave.