White Tip Alley

  • White Tip Alley

    White Tip Alley, as the name suggests, is the best spot for sighting the majestic white tip sharks. It is one of the five dive spots around the area of Gato Island and like all the others; it also has an abundant marine life.

    Sightings of white tip reef sharks are 95% guaranteed. They are commonly spotted sleeping under the rocks or in the corner of the cave. You are lucky to find them circling around. Other than sharks, you can also see schools of beautiful fish such as cuttlefish, pufferfish, seahorses, scorpionfish, lionfish, spider crabs, frogfish, banded boxer shrimp, nudibranches and whip coral shrimps.

    The dive here in White Tip Alley is easy yet spectacular. You will not only enjoy your encounter with the marine species but also the overall condition of the site. The current is usually low, surface conditions are calm and the visibility is excellent. Thereby, you will have a superb diving experience her e in White Tip Alley.